Creating bespoke communities is more than bricks and mortar, it is about environment and lifestyle

At Feltham Property Group, we look for opportunities to encourage community, safety, privacy and energy efficiency through environmental design and carefully created timeless architecture. We aspire to exceed expectations.

– always

Introducing our current project

Oakman residences

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Trust our credentials and experience

Innovative property development requires expertise derived from years of practice. It takes wisdom, patience, connections and meticulous attention to detail.

Town planning

Our background in town planning means that any site is rigorously considered from a community perspective long before construction plans begin.


Our boutique size enables us to take the time to carefully consider our projects from every angle, and treat them each as a labour of love.


Director Cameron Feltham completed his first development at 22 years of age. Since then has had an extensive career working with some of QLD’s best developers.


With degrees in Science, regional urban planning and project management you can rely on us to take a highly professional approach to all aspects of our projects.

– our promise